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Baskets of flowers


Basket of 11 roses, 10 alstroemerias

2304 UAH

Basket of 3 roses, 4 alstroemerias

1257 UAH

Basket of 7 roses, 1 lily, 5 chrysanthemums

1576 UAH

Basket of 1 lily, 5 roses, 3 orchids

1300 UAH

101 gerberas in the basket

5477 UAH

Basket of 3 gerberas, 8 chrysanthemums

1354 UAH

Basket of 11 roses, 10 chrysanthemums

2466 UAH

Basket of 4 roses, 5 orchids, 6 alstromeries

1463 UAH

Basket of 3 gerberas, 4 roses, 3 chrysanthemums, 3 carnations

1354 UAH

Basket of 25 roses, 4 lilies

3317 UAH

Basket of 3 roses, 11 carnations, 5 chrysanthemums

2109 UAH

Basket of 3 lilies, 10 roses

1488 UAH

Basket of 9 chrysanthemums

1662 UAH

Basket of 3 roses, 2 chrysanthemums, 2 alstroemerias

1201 UAH

Basket of 6 roses, 3 lilies

3519 UAH

Basket of 15 different chrysanthemums

2255 UAH

For any holiday an exquisite gift will be a basket with flowers. Basket with flowers will decorate any wedding, birthday, corporate, Valentine's Day. This will be a pleasant surprise for your chosen one. Baskets are filled with various colors: lilies, gerberas, roses, chrysanthemums, etc. Flower baskets keep their freshness longer than usual bouquets. Inside it there is a sponge, which helps to maintain inside the ideal moisture. Do not forget to water it from time to time, and the flower basket will long please you.
Flower baskets can be used not only as a gift, but also for decorating a hotel, a cafe, a hall for a celebration, an office, a showcase. Flowers will create a pleasant atmosphere and will delight guests.
You can order a flower basket from our catalog or leave a request for an individual order. Make an order on our website is very simple. You need to fill out an application or call. Give your favorite basket in the form of a heart - this will be a pleasant surprise that will tell you about your feelings for her. You can attach a greeting card, a box of chocolates or a soft toy to the flower basket - this will make the gift even more touching.

If you can not decide the choice, call us! Our manager will help you with your choice. We do everything to make flower baskets from our online store bring joy. We use only the freshest flowers, and create beautiful compositions especially for you. Creating our flower baskets, we use other decor elements: ribbons, beads, feathers, rhinestones. If the basket of flowers is large then the decor becomes an exquisite addition, will give it originality. You can also add a basket of sweets, fruits. Expensive VIP-baskets are supplemented with expensive wines, gifts, souvenirs, ornaments. Such a gift is really able to surprise and become a real decoration of any holiday.
We try to make our baskets not only beautiful, but also original. We will always take into account your wishes and add, selected basket, any decor at will. In our catalog there are many compositions for different occasions. Flower basket mix is a surprisingly bright world of exquisite bouquets. The basket itself can be made from straw, vine, metal rod or polyamide. The shape of the basket can be different: in the form of an oval, or a crescent. The basket can be rectangular or round. Especially for lovers there are baskets in the form of heart. You can choose a basket with the composition you like, and we will deliver it to you at the appointed time.
We carry out delivery all over Ukraine. Just fill out the order form on our website. We appreciate our customers, so we always deliver only fresh flowers. If you want to make a gift and a pleasant surprise, use our online store and our service will pleasantly please you.

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