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Bouquets of 101 roses


301 roses in the basket

30538 UAH

101 roses in a box

8949 UAH

301 roses in the basket

30667 UAH

Red roses: 101 pc.

8587 UAH

Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

8497 UAH

Red roses: 201 pc.

16476 UAH

Red roses: 101 pc.

9438 UAH

Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

8532 UAH

White Rose: 101 pc.

8423 UAH

Heart of 121 roses

8987 UAH

Red roses: 1001 pc.

83612 UAH

Multicolored roses: 101 pc.

8587 UAH

Heart of roses in a box

8762 UAH

Delicate roses in a box

8707 UAH

Heart of 101 roses

8182 UAH

Heart from 201 roses

17488 UAH

Букеты из 101 розы

A bouquet of 101 roses is a truly luxurious gift that can not be compared with any other. By itself, a bouquet of roses is a unique and most pleasant gift from the entire floral world. Our experts have picked up many different variations of this bouquet, the number of colors in which exceeds all expectations. Remember that to buy a bouquet of 101 roses means to be known as a romantic, a generous gentleman and a charming gentleman who is capable of madness for the sake of those who care about him.

To order 101 roses with delivery in Odessa means to make a choice in favor of an original, unusual and shocking gift. You can be absolutely sure that our florists will take care of the quality of flowers and their presentable appearance, and our delivery service will bring the flowers bought in the shortest time possible.

Bouquets of 101 roses: types and purposes

Such gifts, first of all, are creative and unusual, capable of conquering the heart and gaining trust, return the forgiveness and respect of the recipient. With the help of a bouquet of roses it is accepted to admit to feelings and come to corporate parties. It is this flower, by its beauty and grandeur, earned the honorary title of the best flower for florists, and the compositions with it, including such large ones, always look very special in a subtle and original way, giving a lot of emotions and decorating even the most gloomy everyday days.

Do not know what is the best way to surprise loved ones and dear ones for the coming holidays? Buy 101 roses, which, thanks to the efforts of our specialists, will be fragrant with freshness and bright colors for weeks, reminding the recipient of the feelings and words with which you presented them.

Here you can order such bouquets of roses with delivery:

  • 101 multi-colored rose;
  • 101 pink rose;
  • 101 white rose;
  • Bouquet of 101 red roses, etc.

You can order a chic bouquet of roses for your boss for a professional holiday, or for your parents on the anniversary of their wedding or for Valentine's Day: the versatility of the gift allows him to be an ideal offering for every person. A huge bouquet, collected from the freshest flowers, will become both a pleasant decoration of the interior, and a bright addition to the festive decor and table.

The beauty of such a gift is that it can be presented to everyone, because in themselves they are not only universal, but also so beautiful that even the most delicate connoisseurs of floral art will like it. In addition, it is the queen of flowers that will most often decorate every house or office, the subtlety and charm of its fragile petals, pleasing the eye and giving many smiles every day.

To buy a bouquet of 101 roses in Odessa is best from us. We guarantee both the quality of the bouquet itself and its delivery, which is carried out by the professionals of their craft, and therefore it is always advantageous to order a gift from us, as you can personally see by reading a lot of pleasant responses about us.

Bouquet with roses in Odessa: where to order and delivery of flowers

Our service, which deals with the delivery of roses and other various colors and compositions, offers not only a wide range of choices, but also a lot of interesting actions that will interest the buyer. In addition, we provide free delivery in Odessa by courier service, which will take care of even such splendor as a bouquet of 101 roses.

101 роза

Flowers with delivery have always been a gift that never goes out of style. It's so simple, it's enough just to order a huge bouquet of roses without leaving your house, and at the same time be sure that the recipient will receive his gift at its best. To buy roses in Odessa is not a problem even for residents of other countries: we accept all possible types of payments and currencies, so that you can order 101 roses with a delivery for your beloved, even being a thousand kilometers away, thereby making the best, bright and unexpected gift.

You can order roses with delivery right now: we accept orders at any time of the day, including holidays, and so our customers prefer to make surprises with us, because what can be more pleasant than presenting your favorite surprise gift in the early morning, or to wish sweet dreams with using a bright and fragrant bouquet.

Buy a large bouquet of roses and be firmly sure that this gift will be that little key to the heart of your recipient, through which you can achieve the location and bring on any day a touch of sensuality, playfulness and just fine mood.

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