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Bouquets of roses


Bouquet of 25 roses

2024 UAH

White roses: 29 pc.

2306 UAH

16 roses and 5 cluster roses in a box

2081 UAH

Red roses: 11 pc.

924 UAH

Red roses: 17 pc.

1565 UAH

Red roses: 45 pc.

3529 UAH

301 roses in the basket

30538 UAH

Orange roses: 35 pc.

2640 UAH

101 roses in a box

8949 UAH

Bouquet of 9 roses and 4 bush roses

1165 UAH

Bouquet of 9 roses and Raffaello

1056 UAH

White Rose: 11 pc.

952 UAH

301 roses in the basket

30667 UAH

Букеты из роз

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers. This flower is exquisite, chic, and at the same time romantic. Roses are a sign of passion and love, a way to convey the fullness of feelings. They devoted so many words, because roses have always been the flowers of lovers. But roses are also ideal for any other occasion. After all, these flowers are also a standard of good taste. Having presented roses you can always convey love or deep respect for a person.

Roses are popular with everyone. This flower can not be disliked. Therefore, a bouquet of roses with delivery in Odessa is always an ideal gift. Large and small, red or white - it does not matter, this flower is beautiful with its ideal shape, it is both gentle and aristocratic, luxurious and modest. Roses can be terrible, and can be innocent. In experienced florist hands, these amazing flowers will reveal themselves exactly as you go. They will convey any feelings to the addressee and decorate any holiday.
On our site you can order bouquets of 5 roses, bouquets of 101 roses and large bouquets of roses . And at the same time, you can be sure that these beautiful flowers will be in perfect condition. The buds of roses are very sensitive, but in our store there are always fresh flowers that are placed in the right conditions. If you order roses in our flower shop in Odessa, you will receive fresh flowers in excellent condition.
We have a large selection of bouquets of roses, you can choose from our catalog a bouquet suitable for your occasion at any time of the day. We have roses of all shades. Color is very important, every shade of this flower conveys a different feeling. For example, scarlet roses always meant passion, but dark red roses can express deep respect and respect.
A white rose is a flower of innocence, as a gift is a neutral choice, ideal for absolutely any occasion. It will suit both your beloved and your colleague. All the meaning in a bouquet of white roses you invest yourself. And here, pink roses are an ideal gift for a girl. They symbolize tenderness and refinement. Often people are wary of yellow flowers. Yellow roses are no less beautiful than others, and they can be presented to a friend in a sign of care and respect.
In addition, in our store you can order a bouquet of multi-colored roses. Experienced florists know how to correctly combine different colors, and such a bouquet will be truly a wonderful and unique gift.

Букет роз Одесса

Our florists will be able to choose the right shade and the number of colors for the bouquet, if you doubt the choice. Do not forget to say for whom and for what occasion you are giving a bouquet. Remember, roses are a very sensual flower, its color and bouquet size, can convey very much. Our rich assortment will allow you to choose flowers not only matching your feelings, but also your incomes.

By contacting our online store, you can pick up a bouquet of roses that perfectly matches your feelings that you want to convey. And perfect for your celebration. To order a bouquet from us is easy and you do not need to go anywhere, we will deliver it to you at the right time. We will try our best to make the recipient of the bouquet feel joy and happiness!

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