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Business bouquets


101 roses in a box

8949 UAH

Bouquet of 101 imported roses

20634 UAH

Red roses: 101 pc.

8587 UAH

Red roses: 201 pc.

16476 UAH

Red roses: 101 pc.

9438 UAH

Bouquet of 51 imported roses

8522 UAH

Multicolored roses: 9 pc

1456 UAH

Bouquet of 7 roses and 2 chrysanthemums

2047 UAH

Bouquet of 5 roses, 3 alstromeries and 5 chrysanthemums

2393 UAH

Bouquet of 5 roses and 2 alstroemerias

1830 UAH

Bouquet of 3 roses, 2 orchids, 1 anthurium, 5 chrysanthemums and 5 tulips

2346 UAH

Бизнес букет

Business bouquet is a special kind of gift, one of the most demanding and complex in the composition and selection of colors. The business direction in floristry is not in vain considered a place where only real professionals work. Despite the minimal design and often the vertical style of making a bouquet, these gifts still remain exquisite and elegant, light and luxurious.

To order a bouquet to a business partner with delivery in Odessa is an excellent solution that will not only strengthen your partnership, but will also emphasize its importance for you. And our delivery service will take care of men's bouquet , ordered by you, was delivered on time at the exact designated date and time.

Gifts for business reasons: for whom they exist?

As a rule, strict bouquets are associated with bunches for men, and it's not surprising, because most businessmen are men. We draw up a gift for a man with special thoroughness and creativity, as often the attitude to you in a professional environment depends on such a gift, which we can easily improve.

You can order such bouquets:

  • Bouquet for the anniversary of the company;
  • Flowers for a partner;
  • Bouquet for business woman and others.

Here you can order a bouquet for a business partner, after presenting it after a successful transaction, thus securing your further cooperation. Also we provide an opportunity to buy a bouquet to a man a businessman who you can give both for his anniversary and for any professional holiday, always invariably causing delight and a smile.

Where to buy a bouquet in Odessa?

Our professional and friendly service gives you the opportunity to order flowers that you liked most, and do not worry about their delivery: we provide free delivery of flowers across Odessa with the help of our best couriers. In addition, in our store very often held a variety of promotions and discounts for regular customers. That's why it's profitable to buy bouquets in Odessa with us!

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