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Bouquet of 23 carnations

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Bouquet of 55 carnations

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Bouquet of 101 carnations

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Bouquet of 51 carnations

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Bouquet of 15 cluster cloves

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Bouquet of 13 carnations

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Bouquet of 19 carnations

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Bouquet of 15 carnations

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Bouquet of 9 carnations, 9 roses and 9 eustom

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Bouquet of 7 irises and 6 carnations

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Букет гвоздик

A bouquet of carnations will become a luxurious, surprising and colorful gift for every person, regardless of his age and social status. The universality of a bouquet of flowers from carnations makes it a good gift for every occasion in life: there are no restrictions as to when it would be possible or when it is not recommended to give a bouquet of carnations. The variety of its shapes, colors and shades allows this fragile and very pleasant flower to conquer every heart, for for each recipient there will be an attractive carnation which, with its charming petals and delicate fragrance, will be remembered for a very long time.

Think about what gift is best presented to loved ones? Buy flowers from us, and we are guaranteed to deliver a bouquet to Odessa in the shortest time possible.

Buy carnations in Odessa is simple: just make a few mouse movements, and our couriers guarantee accurate delivery to the address you need. In addition, it is our professional free delivery service in Odessa.

Bouquet with carnations: historical reference and purpose

A bouquet of carnations has long been attributed to a huge number of meanings. It is known that these flowers began to grow in ancient Rome, where they were brought to Europe and got to the royal dynasty of the Medici. In each country, this flower was treated differently, but always with reverence: even a mini-bouquet caused awe of everyone who looked at it. A bouquet of carnations was greeted by kings, it embodied a cosiness and a home, and for the peoples of Germany became a symbol of loyalty and constancy. And to this day, the charm of this flower is driving people crazy, attracting to themselves the views and causing a variety of emotions.

Now it is a truly gentlemanly gesture to buy cloves: such an amazing and unusual flower is not often found in truly beautiful bouquets, and therefore only fervently loving people can give it. Not for nothing among all florists the best gift is considered to be a bouquet of carnations. The price for them is only the lowest among us: we want your loved ones to be satisfied with the gift, and therefore set the price available to everyone, and our delivery service will deliver the goods on time.

In our city in Odessa you can buy such bouquets of carnations:

  • A small bouquet of carnations: for a modest and beautiful gift;
  • Bouquet of white carnations: for an innocent and friendly offering;
  • A huge bouquet of carnations: for a luxurious and exquisite surprise, etc..

You can order a bouquet of carnations to any person and on any holiday. Carnations are worth buying as your mom on the eighth of March, and your beloved girl on Valentine's Day: bright flower buds will perfectly convey sensuality and affection to the recipient. Just buy a large bouquet from this flower is also for professional reasons, having presented to colleagues or superiors.

Where to buy carnations with delivery in Odessa cheaply?

Our shop has been selling flowers to Odessa for many years now. It is here that you can buy flowers with delivery, being confident that they will conquer the recipient, will win his heart and soul, and the delivery of flowers will be done on time, to the threshold that you specify at the time of the order. It is our service that provides a variety of discounts for customers who have the ability to grow from order to order. In addition, with us you can take part in a wide variety of promotions, acquiring some of the commodity items is much cheaper than expected.

Are you in search of the best gift for those who are insanely dear to you? Then look to us. Our huge electronic catalog of bouquets, compositions and various gifts is always useful to you in any of the cases. Order a big bouquet of carnations with delivery from us, and we guarantee that the recipient who will receive from you such a touching, gentle and amazing present.

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