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11 chamomile chrysanthemums

1710 UAH

Bouquet of 15 chrysanthemums

1685 UAH

Bouquet of 5 chrysanthemums

803 UAH

Bouquet of 7 chrysanthemums

1025 UAH

Bouquet of 5 chrysanthemums

803 UAH

Bouquet of 13 chrysanthemums

1466 UAH

Bouquet of 35 chrysanthemums

2909 UAH

Flowers with Macarons

1528 UAH

Bouquet of 17 chrysanthemums

1980 UAH

Bouquet of 25 chrysanthemums

3030 UAH

Bouquet of 7 chrysanthemums

1015 UAH

Bouquet of 101 chrysanthemums

9760 UAH

5 chrysanthemums in a box

976 UAH

Bouquet of 7 chrysanthemums

1030 UAH

Bouquet of 17 chrysanthemums

1911 UAH

Bouquet of 11 chrysanthemums

1310 UAH

Коробка с цветами и макарунс

Recently, chrysanthemums have become much more popular, and the status of flowers has changed significantly: from shrubs near the house, to chic bouquets for name-days, birthdays, wedding bouquets and just a gift to loved ones. To date, bouquets of chrysanthemums in Odessa can often be seen in the interior as a decoration for the house.

It is very profitable to decorate huge rooms with them, because "flower waltz" turns out to be bright, colorful and rich, and at a price it turns out quite inexpensively.

In a variety of colors, the chrysanthemum is significantly ahead of many kinds of flowers, because at least ten thousand varieties of chrysanthemums are counted. It is possible that in your garden there are also growing different varieties of chrysanthemums, which are not common in some localities, and perhaps in the whole region. Most chrysanthemums are bought at the height of the autumn season. Lush and "juicy" bouquets come out of chrysanthemums of different colors of the rainbow. Such a bouquet is truly capable of cheering up and gives a sense of confidence that you are loved and taken care of. For example, yellow color will be associated with the sun, warmth and joy, but white can be taken with confidence as a symbol of gentle relations, absolutely sincere and kindest feelings of a person who gives a bouquet. Contemplating these magnificent and brightest flowers, you feel the cheerfulness and the positive.

The bouquet will turn out beautiful if the chrysanthemums in the bouquet are distributed three or five pieces between the additional decor. Magnificently combine chrysanthemums and varietal lilies, gerberas. Excellent looking noble compositions with a harmoniously combined color accompaniment of flowers from different varieties. The more shades of chrysanthemums, the better you can choose the right combination for the most original and unique bouquet.

Surely everyone knows that autumn is a period when many weddings are celebrated, but on such a holiday one can not do without flowers. In such a situation, chrysanthemums can be considered the best option for decorating the hall, wedding escort, and also ideal for bonbonieres. Very often designers add to this list a bouquet of the bride and small ornaments from chrysanthemums, which are clipped to each guest at the wedding.

This way of decorating will always testify to the thoughtfulness of any, even such minor details.

Right now you have the opportunity to choose your own version of the chrysanthemum ornaments, which you can take a look at by visiting our online store . For each client, only an individual approach and guaranteed quality. Buy flowers for yourself and for loved ones!

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