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Flower boxes


17 roses with Macarons

3254 UAH

Flowers for the mother

3763 UAH

Flower mix in a box

3446 UAH

11 chamomile chrysanthemums

1710 UAH

Flowers with Macarons

4847 UAH

16 roses and 5 cluster roses in a box

2081 UAH

Flowers in a Box

2383 UAH

Flowers with Macarons and Mondoro Asti

5834 UAH

101 roses in a box

8949 UAH

Box for a man with beer and fish

4805 UAH

Bouquet mix in the box

3028 UAH

Gentle orchids and Macarons

2068 UAH

Flowers with chocolate and Macarons

7583 UAH
Bouquet in a box with hydrangea
4019 UAH

Flowers in boxes - one of the most developed recent trends in floristry. After all, there is no gift more traditional than flowers. And when it is not just an ordinary bouquet, but a composition, such a memorable present will please not only its aroma, romanticism, but also a beautiful view intended only for the recipient of this masterpiece.

Flowers in the box are a pleasant surprise.

Цветы в коробке

Our online store offers you to order flowers in a box in Odessa from us. We offer a courier delivery service for such wonderful gifts, both within the city and to other cities. So buy flowers in a box in Odessa - not a problem. Contact us, and we will help you make a choice.

Original gift sets are offered by beloved Odessa. To order flowers in a box means to buy the same set, but with a chosen style and special design.

Compositions in a box differ from an ordinary bouquet in that:

  • this pleasant present is always appropriate. The person who received it does not need to worry about where to put flowers, for example, during the celebration, so that they do not fade. The box provides for the supply of plants with moisture;
  • the originality and unusualness of the composition is usually surprising and fascinating, so it is ensured a prominent place;
  • this present is always pleasant, but now it will be sudden.

Flowers in boxes for every holiday

Among the options offered by us, in Odessa the most popular options are in round boxes. They look elegant and exquisite, so this is completely justified. But, when ordering such a gift, it is worth considering that similar compositions in hats can be presented by others. Therefore, we would advise you also to pay attention not only to flowers in round boxes, but also to compositions in square boxes or boxes in the form of a heart.

Also a very interesting option is boxes with flowers and sweets. One part in them will be allocated for a bouquet, and the second, for sweets. Is not it an original gift? Odessites in their majority prefer this kind of boxes of flowers.

Individuality in selection

Розы в круглой коробке

The main thing in the gift box - a unique highlight, which defines the impression of a box with flowers for a long time. In Odessa, many shops of a similar profile, but it is our florists who, with the help of bouquets, are able to express the feelings, emotions of the customer, his attitude towards the person to whom the bouquet is intended.

Designed by them, the box with roses will not only amaze the recipient with its beauty and fragrance, but will also please with its refinement, refinement. You will not lose with a gift if you select roses in a box in Odessa. You can buy them directly on the site by paying your order with a card or you can drop in to our store.

Features of delivery in Odessa

Knowing their craft experts in the compilation of bouquets will make sure that delivery will not only be timely, but also fully reflect your feelings towards the recipient - we offer masterpieces of any subject. Quality guarantee for us is of great importance.

We always follow the quality of flowers in every order in Odessa. A box of flowers received from you will only bring joy to who it is intended for.

The cost of delivery in Odessa, as well as the price of bouquets, you will be pleasantly surprised by its availability. Order flowers in boxes from us, give together with us a great mood to your loved ones!

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