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Flowers and chocolate in box


Flowers for the mother

2513 UAH

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Flowers for the beloved

2417 UAH

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Flowers with chocolate and Macarons

3678 UAH

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Flowers with chocolate

1398 UAH

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Flowers for Mommy

2545 UAH

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Flowers and sweets for mom

2856 UAH

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Flowers and Teddy bear 1,2

3783 UAH

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Flowers with sweets

2308 UAH

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19 bush roses and sweets

2425 UAH

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Happy Birthday

2033 UAH

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Box of flowers

2248 UAH

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21 rose bush with sweets

2353 UAH

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Flowers with chocolate

2065 UAH

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Box for a man with champagne and sweets

2349 UAH

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Flowers for the mother

3106 UAH

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Flowers to the educator

1739 UAH

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Цветы и шоколад в коробке

Flowers in a box with wishes from chocolate is a new fashion in modern floristics. If you want to say in the language of flowers, all that you can not or do not dare to say yourself is the ideal gift option. We will lay out any inscription you need from the delicious chocolate and will be delivered by courier to any address in Odessa. Delicate compositions with delicious chocolate, this is one of the most romantic and modern gifts.

How long have you told your mother that you love her, you have an ideal opportunity not only to give your beloved mother beautiful flowers, but also to treat her with delicious chocolate, the tiles of which will be written warm words of love that you want to say.

To admit the language of flowers in love has become even easier, thanks to our miracle boxes with flowers and sweets in Odessa. Our florists create wonders with flowers, and tiles of delicate chocolate add zest to each composition. Do not miss your chance to please loved ones with such a unique, beautiful, fashionable, stylish gift. Flowers in boxes with various sweets are gaining popularity every day among floral arrangements. Even you can not doubt, after delivering a box of flowers and chocolate in Odessa, you will hear words of gratitude and watch the admiring eyes for a very long time.

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