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Fruit basket


Basket with fruits and wine

2034 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 7.5-8 kg

2768 UAH

Basket with lemons wt: 2 kg

780 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 6.5-7 kg

2155 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1821 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1460 UAH

Basket with tangerines wt: 2.5-3 kg

830 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 5.5-6 kg

1979 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 4.5-5 kg

1804 UAH

Gift basket with sweets and fruits

3440 UAH

Basket with fruits and Asti Mondoro

3139 UAH

Basket with flowers and fruits

3149 UAH

Корзина фруктов Одесса

How to make a gift beautiful and useful? Very simple! Our online store offers you to choose a gift fruit baskets. Beautifully decorated fruit baskets are an original gift that will not only create a good mood, but will also give you health. The fruit is very useful! Only the freshest fruit is offered by our online store. Baskets decorated with exquisite taste will attract attention, and to take ripe, juicy fruit from such a basket, will be a real temptation. In the design of baskets with fruits you can add fresh flowers, ribbons. Basket of fruits will be a wonderful gift to colleagues, relatives, friends. The advantage of the fruit basket is that it can be given to a very close person, as well as a work partner or teacher. Such a gift will always be appropriate and pleasant. We all buy fruit, and we all like them. Beautifully decorated fruit basket will help to diversify everyday life and make a pleasant surprise. They will be a wonderful gift any day. Such a gift will become a piece of sun and summer in the winter season, given to you by friends or relatives. Such a gift will not be superfluous or unnecessary. Fruits are living vitamins that everyone needs.

Корзина с фруктами

You can make a basket of fruit at any time. While at work, you can send a basket to someone who is waiting for you at home. You can also make a present to your relatives when you are abroad or in another city. You just need to go to our online store, choose a fruit basket from our catalog, and fill out the order form. You can always be closer to people dear and dear to the heart. We can also order a basket filled with berries or sweets. We will create a real creation for your loved ones or friends. Even if you can not find a basket from our catalog, just contact our manager and we will fulfill the individual order. Our company employs the most real professionals who can create for you amazing baskets filled with fruits, berries or sweets. We will take into account all your wishes in creating a basket, because we value our customers. We will deliver you a fruit basket in Odessa and the region .. All you need is to place an order with us on the site, and a basket with the freshest flowers, fruits and sweets will be delivered to your addressee at the appointed time. You yourself can choose which fruit or berries to fill the basket, and we will be happy to fulfill it for you. We value our reputation, so you can not doubt the quality of the gifts that we deliver.

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