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Букет из герьер

There are many legends connected with gerberas. According to one of them, this charming flower was formerly a young nymph, who did not want to attract unpleasant looks to herself.

These April flowers radiate carelessness, joy and sincerity. They are also considered a symbol of modesty and innocence. Bouquets of gerberas made to give in recognition of love. You do not need to look for words - the flowers will tell you about your deep feelings. Since the gerbera is also associated with purity, a bouquet of them becomes an excellent gift in appreciation, admiration or respect.

Externally gerberas resemble the sun, so they are so positive warm energy. Bright shades and graceful beauty of flowers give others good and joy, filling everything around with their cheerfulness.

If you want to surprise your beloved girl with an original gift, order a bouquet of gerberas will be the best choice. These flowers a bit like a romantic daisy and sunny sunflower. Therefore, a bouquet of them will have a special charm and warmth of the sun's rays. Color diversity makes it possible to create original compositions - softly-pastel or bright.

Gerberas have a special property - they are able to maintain freshness for a very long time, which is not typical for other flowers. In addition, they do not have a capriciousness. Gerbera perfectly combined with many plants, creating a harmonious composition. Bouquets of these flowers can be safely given not only to representatives of the beautiful half of society, but also to men and children. Limitations in the colors are practically nonexistent - from innocent white to saturated red and dark purple hue. This makes it possible to embody all sorts of creative ideas, turning gerberas into a real work of floral art, radiating a special charm.

In bouquets of gerberas, summer heat, cheerfulness and optimism are kept. Give them to your loved ones, and they will long enjoy these wonderful feelings, even in the autumn cloudy days and cold winter evenings.

In different countries these flowers have their special significance. Sometimes they are perceived as a symbol of mystery, in some cases they serve as the embodiment of openness and purity of feelings. Therefore, gerberas can be considered universal colors - a bouquet of them will be appropriate to look at any solemn event, even at a wedding.

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