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Fruit Basket wt: 5.5-6 kg

2404 UAH

Basket with fruits and wine

2574 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 7.5-8 kg

3504 UAH

Gift basket with flowers and champagne

3036 UAH

A large basket of chocolate

2987 UAH

Basket with lemons wt: 2 kg

985 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 3.5-4 kg

1656 UAH

Gift basket with oranges

4120 UAH

Gift basket with pineapple

2992 UAH

Basket with flowers and sweets

2800 UAH

Fruit Basket wt: 6.5-7 kg

2728 UAH

Fruit with champagne

1788 UAH

Подарочная корзина

In the gift baskets section you will find a lot of different presents for any occasion: fruit baskets, grocery baskets and gift baskets with sweets, and much more. All of them are decorated with the skillful hands of our professionals, and therefore their quality is always at the highest level.

Gift baskets - this is a gift, which you can say "tasty and beautiful." It will not only be pleasant, but also useful: depending on the filling, it will have both for dessert and for the main festive dish.

To buy a gift basket in Odessa will not be difficult: just order flowers from us and we will arrange free delivery in Odessa by our professional couriers.

What do we offer?

Gift baskets are not in vain considered the warmest and cozy offering, which can only make the most dear and intimate person. After bouquets and ordinary flowers soon get bored, and small and beautiful wicker gifts that will decorate the interior of the house or office, becoming a beautiful addition to it, will always be appropriate, at any time of the year and at any holiday.

It is a small, beautifully decorated and collected with care and attention, the basket will be the most pleasant gift that you can buy from us. Large and small, food and fruit, filled with sweets or flowers, they will never go out of fashion, and therefore you can always give them to everyone, just make the right choice with which our specialists will gladly help you.

You are still thinking about buying flowers for some of the holidays for your loved ones, but do you think they are already tired of them? Then pay attention to the gift baskets, which we present in our extensive electronic product catalog.

In our city of Odessa you will find such baskets:

  • Gift basket for a man on his birthday;
  • Gift basket with sweets, champagne, wine or tea;
  • Gift basket for woman and others.

A wide variety of our assortment allows you to choose a gift that would be pleasant for your recipient. You can buy a fruit basket, if you want to congratulate your colleague on a professional holiday, or visit your beloved aunt in the hospital, bringing bright colors and good moods to her day. It is fruit in the basket will become a universal offering for every person, because their bright appearance and sweet taste can not leave anyone indifferent.

A food gift basket that you can find among our products will be an indispensable gift for family holidays: present it to your parents on the eve of the New Year, depriving you of the worries and need to run around shopping. You can buy a basket of products the same way for your husband, after having pleased him with a delicious dinner from the contents of the basket.

Also here you can buy a basket of sweets for your daughter's birthday, having pleased the child with a sweet and amazing present. A basket of sweets as a gift will suit both children and adults, who with the same enthusiasm will take this delicious gift.

Where to order flowers with delivery to Odessa?

Also our online store specializes in the delivery of flowers and various gifts for any holiday in the year. In our friendly team work exclusively professionals with vast experience, who accept orders for flowers and arrange them with courier delivery throughout the city.

With us, it became much easier to buy flowers and gifts in Odessa. Our specialists monitor the floristic market every day, and therefore we provide the lowest prices possible, while our bouquets and compositions remain as luxurious as they were before. In addition, there is a system of discounts and shares in our store: with each purchase made from us, the amount of discount increases, which makes it very motivating to return to us again, for a new and ideal presentation for dear people, leaving a lot of bright moments in their memory, created exactly by our products.

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