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Bouquet of 101 lilies

34926 UAH

Bouquet of 3 lilies

1032 UAH

Bouquet of 3 lilies and 6 alstromeries

1456 UAH

Bouquet of 5 lilies

1733 UAH

Bouquet of 9 lilies

2869 UAH

Bouquet of 25 lilies

6757 UAH

Bouquet of 7 lilies

2405 UAH

Bouquet of 17 lilies

4643 UAH

Bouquet of 15 lilies

4151 UAH

Bouquet of 11 lilies

3202 UAH

Bouquet of 19 lilies

5135 UAH

Bouquet of 35 lilies

9910 UAH

Bouquet of 3 lilies, bear, Raffaello

1913 UAH

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A bouquet of lilies is a colorful, gentle and trembling gift that can melt ice in any, even the strictest heart. This flower is considered the best to emphasize the modesty and tenderness of relationships, because its whiteness and the beauty of the petals does not allow to doubt it. A bouquet of lilies can decorate any interior and any office, as well as using it to introduce a touch of mystery and romance.

Buy lilies in Odessa became possible and extremely easy with us. We bring to your attention the best and most colorful bouquets of flowers that our couriers will bring with care and attention to the right address.

Bouquet of lily flowers: its history and purpose

Lilies are those flowers that appear in various historical chronicles much more often than others. The history of the appearance of a bouquet from this plant is extremely extensive and wide. It is said that for the first time the lily appeared in ancient Greece, as a symbol of divine power and domination. Later, in Paris, this flower will only emphasize its majestic significance: a bouquet of lilies will begin to be worshiped by the richest and most influential people of that time. The unusual whiteness and fragility of this plant made him a symbol of touching and enchanting love after several long centuries of its development. A bouquet of this flower began to emphasize the beauty and mystery of beautiful ladies.

We provide a huge number of bouquets both from lilies and from other colors, giving the opportunity to choose the best and suitable for your recipient. But it is the bouquet with lilies that is our best and most gentle creation from all possible.

In our city of Odessa you can buy such lilies:

  • A huge bouquet of lilies;
  • A bouquet of white lilies, etc..

Order a big bouquet of lilies, if you are going to visit your boss's jubilee, thereby emphasizing the severity and modesty of your relationships. Also these flowers are perfect for gifting them on New Year's Eve to your beloved wife, decorating your holiday table with this exquisite and amazing present that you can order in Odessa.

Where to buy a bouquet of lilies in Odessa?

If you are wondering where to order a bouquet of lilies with free delivery in Odessa, then you have addressed to the right address. It is our professional service, which has been on the market for more than ten years, provides a wide range of products with goods for any, even the most demanding, taste, as well as quality service and competent advice on the choice of a gift. Delivery of flowers across Odessa is carried out by our professional couriers with a great work experience, and therefore our flowers always arrive at the recipient in the best possible way.

Are you wondering which gift will be the best for the most dear and beloved people? Then pay attention to a bouquet of lilies. The price set by our specialists is so low that everyone will enjoy it pleasantly: we strive to ensure that any person with any level of prosperity can order a luxurious gift for those who are dear to his heart. A bouquet of lilies made by our skilled florists with soul and care will be the gift with which you can both earn your forgiveness and ask for hands and hearts, moving away from banal and habitual presents for such an important event. Rely on us and you will be satisfied: we are guaranteed to collect the best and most stunning gift, which will best emphasize the individuality of the recipient, as well as arrange the delivery of flowers at any time, including the night and the pre-holiday. To buy with us is easy and profitable, because it is our flowers that will give happiness and indescribable joy to your relatives.

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