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Bouquet of 8 mimosa and 21 tulips

4026 UAH

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Bouquet of 11 tulips and 8 mimosa

3227 UAH

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Bouquet of 19 tulips and 6 mimosa

3160 UAH

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Bouquet of 9 tulips and 2 mimosa

1655 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 chrysanthemums and 4 mimosa

1803 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 tulips and 4 mimosa

2162 UAH

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Bouquet of 5 hyacinths and 5 mimosa

2538 UAH

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Bouquet of 9 mimosa

2927 UAH

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Bouquet of 21 iris and 8 mimosa

4028 UAH

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Bouquet of 4 mimosa and 3 tulips

1626 UAH

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Bouquet of 7 mimosa

2429 UAH

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Bouquet of 11 mimosa

3179 UAH

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Bouquet of 6 mimosa, 6 irises and 5 raununculus

4656 UAH

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Bouquet of 25 tulips and 10 mimosa

5289 UAH

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Bouquet of 1 amarallis and 2 mimosa

1427 UAH

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Букет с мимозой

A bouquet of mimosa is a natural charm, tenderness and modesty, which can only be expressed with the help of flowers. One glance at the timid mimosa is enough, and you will be fascinated by it. These fluffy, delicate yellow flowers are the messengers of warmth and the first spring tenderness. A bouquet with mimosa was always considered a sincere and touching gift, which can be presented to the most beautiful women for important holidays. This small, fragile flower, even in a mini-bouquet, will look refined and romantic, bringing joy, warmth and carefreeness in any of the days.

Buy flowers with an exact delivery to Odessa, if you really want to touch and impress your loved ones, because such a sincere, full of emotions and colors, present, will say everything for you, express your feelings and deep emotional affection. And our delivery service will take care of that huge bouquet of mimosa arrived on time and amazed everyone with its kind.

It is said that it is the bouquet of flowers from mimosa that will help determine the sincerity of human intentions: mimosa is considered a symbol of sincerity and tender love, and because it is so popular. Buy a mimosa if you are going to an anniversary for your mother, striking her to the depths of the soul with such a delicate and thoughtful gift. Do you want to make your friend happy on the eighth of March? Order a big bouquet of mimosa with delivery, and you will become the cause of happy, bright smiles.

Where to buy cheap mimosa in Odessa?

Flower delivery in Odessa is our main activity, which we are proud of and in which we are rightly considered the best of the best. It is in our store that flowers are delivered at any time, convenient for the customer. And it is our couriers who make delivery on time, minute to minute, to the right threshold, striking not only with the presentation, but also with punctuality. Also, our small store holds regular promotions and discounts that make shopping with us even more enjoyable.

Why buy a bouquet of mimosa in the city of Odessa is exactly with us:

  • In our electronic catalog you will find a lot of fresh flowers;
  • We make out free delivery in Odessa;
  • Our prices are always lower than those of competitors;
  • You can order a bouquet of mimosa in Odessa at any convenient time!

Buy flowers with delivery - it's easy! It is enough to contact us, and we are guaranteed to help you bring joy and coziness to any home or office.

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