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Возможность и стоимость доставки в другие города Одесской области на время карантина уточняйте у менеджера магазина с 9.00-18.00

Доставка за город в период карантина осуществляется только службой такси.



Bouquet of 9 roses and Raffaello

736 UAH

Flowers and Teddy bear 1,2

6405 UAH

11 roses and Martini Asti

1099 UAH

Bouquet of 15 roses with a bear and candies

1802 UAH

Bouquet of 5 roses and Raffaello

584 UAH

39 roses in a box + champagne

2772 UAH

35 roses in a box + candy

2312 UAH

9 chrysanthemums in a box

1596 UAH

Bouquet of 19 roses with champagne

1277 UAH

Bouquet of 15 red roses and a bear

1505 UAH

Fruit, doggie, Ferrero Rocher

2773 UAH

Bouquet of 51 red roses and a bear

2935 UAH

Actions for flowers in Odessa is a great opportunity to purchase beautiful bouquets that were previously unavailable to you because of the price, discount or an attractive share offer to please your loved ones and even pleasantly shock them with a sudden surprise they could not exactly count on.

Our store often arranges a wide variety of promotions and sales for our flowers, thereby giving you an excellent opportunity at any time of the year to present a unique and special gift, collected with love by our experts.

Why in our flower shop in Odessa it is worth to buy a gift for the promotion:

  • We provide free delivery of flowers across Odessa;
  • We always have only fresh flowers;
  • We sell only quality goods;
  • Here you can buy flowers cheaper than anywhere else;
  • We cooperate only with trusted suppliers and others..

The action on flowers in Odessa - the phenomenon is not as rare as you imagine. It is our store that conducts them on an ongoing basis, both seasonal and unexpected, allowing you to buy gifts for the holidays simply and easily, without worrying about transportation or a limited budget. We provide every opportunity to ensure that no one you cherish or love, was left without a gift for a holiday.

Our delivery service works daily and at any time, which will allow you to make a sudden and charming surprise. And for those who prefer small, special and modest gifts, we can even buy roses by the piece at the lowest prices, choosing both their color, length and time of delivery.

Where to buy flowers for the action with delivery to Odessa?

In our store you can not only make an order for flowers with delivery to Odessa, but also take part in pleasant, accessible for everyone, promotions. Our customers, who leave a lot of good reviews about us in the relevant section, argue that the best actions in Odessa are held precisely here. You can see for yourself, and we will pleasantly surprise you with the variety of such offers, which we have a huge amount: these are actions for roses in Odessa, actions for boxes with flowers, the action "Roses and Rafaello" and many others.

We care that every person can feel happiness, smile on an important day for him, and feel his importance and specialty, and therefore our discounts and promotions are waiting for you!

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