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Sweets basket


Basket with flowers and sweets

2716 UAH

Basket with Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello

3238 UAH

Basket with fruits and wine

2034 UAH

Gift basket with flowers and champagne

2401 UAH

A large basket of chocolate

2363 UAH 2791 UAH You save: 428 UAH

Basket with Ferrero Rocher

1444 UAH

Basket of sweets with champagne

2363 UAH

Basket with flowers and sweets

2212 UAH

Корзина сладостей

A basket of sweets will serve you well on any of the holidays. Such an unusual, warm and caring gift will be useful at any time of the year: as in the sunny summer, to emphasize its sweetness, and cold winter. A large basket of sweets is not just a gift that you present to the recipient, it's a whole story, consisting of every single candy.

Buy a basket of sweets in Odessa is best with us: we guarantee accurate delivery to the specified address and the fact that it is our gifts collected by our specialists in the composition that will surely appeal to the recipient.

Basket of sweets: what kinds you can buy from us?

Sweets have always been considered a universal gift. They are not only bright and unforgettable, they have a huge number of variations of flavors, shapes and brands, but they are suitable for every person: for both the boss and the little girl. A gift basket with sweets is a charming and caring gift that can cause not only a smile, but also remind you of every time the recipient tries a new candy.

A basket of chocolate is a bright, colorful and incredible gift that can bring a smile even on the most gloomy day. Stuffed to the top with the most delicious and vintage chocolate or any other goodies, it causes rapture, insane awe and a desire to hasten it as soon as possible, which can not affect the mood of the recipient.

Here you can buy sweets of the following types:

  • Basket with chocolate bars;
  • Basket of sweets kinder surprise;
  • Gift basket with sweets and tea;
  • Basket with sweets for New Year and others.

You can buy a basket of sweets for children for the New Year and be sure to hear children's happy laughter and many thanks. Also, a basket of sweets for Birthday is suitable for congratulating her your beloved wife, who, like any other woman, is crazy about delicacies and chocolate.

Корзина сладостей

A basket with sweets as a gift is a small magic created by the hands of our specialists and which you can buy in Odessa with delivery by courier directly to your house.

Gift basket with sweets: where to buy with free delivery in Odessa?

Buy a basket full of various goodies, in Odessa it is easy and convenient with us. We provide the lowest prices for the entire range of our products. In addition, for our regular customers, there is a system of cumulative discounts and a wide variety of shares. Our delivery service in Odessa is engaged in the delivery of your orders at any time of the day. It is here that you can buy a basket of sweets as a gift and be absolutely sure that its delivery will be carried out on time. Thanks to our convenient, fast and professional service, already many families, work collectives and friendly companies have become closer to each other, because our specialists help you to bring joy, comfort and happiness to any of the collectives.

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