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Teddy Bear 3D Roses


Bear from white satin roses with a heart

2489 UAH

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Bear from red satin roses with a heart
2549 UAH

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Bear from white satin roses with a heart

2549 UAH

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Bear from red satin roses

2489 UAH

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Teddy Bears from 3D roses - an original gift for your loved ones. Such a bear will delight your family for a very long time and remind you of it. Such a cute bear is a wonderful gift for both adults and children. Having presented a child a toy from 3D roses, you will cause not only delight, but also present your best friend to your baby. And your beloved seeing such a gift will be both surprised and shocked at the same time.

What is Teddy Bear from 3D roses

  • This is handmade. Each bear, 40 cm high, is assembled from more than 500 roses, which are very pleasant to the touch;
  • Teddy bear is created based on the toy "Teddy Bear", which has already been popular for more than 20 years;
  • Bears are made of latex roses - this is a new material. It is completely safe and does not cause allergies;

Bear does not require care, you only need to follow a couple of simple rules:

  1. Do not place it in open sunshine;
  2. Handle it with care.

If you have been looking for an unusual and original gift for a long time - you have found it. The hit of this year's gifts is cute bears, collected from latex 3D roses.

Teddy Bears are love from the childhood of every girl, and roses are the love of every girl. Bears from roses - ideal gift, which combines the love of flowers and toys. This is a gift for any age or occasion. Unlike a bouquet of flowers, the bear will not wither, but will delight your loved ones with its beauty and will become an original decoration of any room.

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