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A bouquet of 51 tulips

3435 UAH

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Bouquet of 101 tulips

5224 UAH

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51 tulips in a box

3961 UAH

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35 tulips in a box

2797 UAH

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Bouquet of 55 Tulips

3239 UAH

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51 tulips in a box

4163 UAH

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31 tulips in a box

2522 UAH

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11 Tulips and Raffaello

1647 UAH

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25 tulips and a bear

3103 UAH

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45 tulips in a box

3556 UAH

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45 tulips in a box

3107 UAH

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31 tulips in a box

2897 UAH

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Bouquet of 10 irises, 35 tulips and 6 freesias

3746 UAH

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Bouquet of 15 tulips

1768 UAH

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15 tulips in a box

1609 UAH

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Bouquet of 11 tulips

870 UAH

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Букет тюльпанов Одесса

A bouquet of tulips is an exquisite, very quivering and gentle gift. It is the bouquet of tulips that is the first messenger of spring in floristics: touching, fragile and beautiful, this flower will conquer without any problems any heart, even the coldest. Bouquet of tulips to congratulate women on the spring holidays, because what can better emphasize the feminine beauty that breaks through the cold winter than the same quivering and beautiful flower? Even a mini-bouquet of these flowers can cause a wide and bright smile, and a feeling of transcendent happiness and joy in the recipient.

Do you want to give your relatives a first spring and sunny mood? Then a bouquet of tulips will perfectly cope with it. The price for it in our store is always the lowest, which will allow you to purchase it at any time.

You can buy tulips with delivery to Odessa at any time of the day: our delivery service will bring the bouquet ordered by you to any threshold, delivering it on time, at the exact time you designated.

Bouquet of tulips: historical information and for whom it can be bought

Bouquet with tulips has a long history of its becoming and climbing a flower pedestal. It is known that this tender flower is not from Holland, as is commonly believed, but from Persia, where it was considered a symbol of passionate and impeccable love. There is a beautiful legend that in place of the death of the Persian king, who was so saddened by the loss of his beloved, these flowers sprouted, as a symbol of endless tenderness and devotion to loved ones. A bouquet of tulips is always attributed to a variety of meanings: thus, for some, it is gentle and timid, for others - a symbol of luxury and material well-being. If you are in the long search for a perfect gift - choose tulips. You can always buy them with free delivery around Odessa with a couple of mouse clicks.

In our city of Odessa you can buy such a bouquet of tulips:

  • A small bouquet of tulips: for a modest and touching gift;
  • Bouquet of red tulips: for a romantic and passionate confession;
  • A huge bouquet of tulips: for a stylish presentation;
  • Tulips in boxes and etc.

Thanks to the versatility of this flower, you can order a bouquet of tulips absolutely for every person. Buy these flowers for your beloved girl on the eighth of March or for mom on Mother's Day, impressed by a gentle and timid presentation that will leave a lot of pleasant emotions after yourself. You can also buy tulips for your father for the anniversary: an unusually gentle gift will best convey your strong family ties without words. And our couriers will take care of the delivery of flowers across Odessa was carried out on time.

Where to buy tulips in Odessa with exact delivery?

Букет тюльпанов

Our online store has been delivering flowers to Odessa for many years. We can deliver a bouquet both to the office and home, to any address that will be specified in the order. To buy with us is always advantageous. Our clients are the happiest and most satisfied, as evidenced by the warm reviews on the site. Also our prices are always pleasantly surprising: they are always much lower than those of other stores. In addition, it is here that you can participate in a pleasant promotion or get a discount that will increase with each purchase.

Buy flowers with delivery - a good solution that will turn all your idea about the floral service and gifts in general. To buy a large bouquet of the best flowers for your loved ones, you do not need to beat the thresholds of each store: you can do this without leaving home with us.

Order a large bouquet of tulips with delivery, and we guarantee that this pleasant, spring-bright gift will be the best offering you have ever given to your loved ones.

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